Large Car / Van Transportation and Recovery

Large Car & Van Transportation

Our large single transporter was purchased for the transport Large Cars, Vans and 4×4s.

Any vehicle weighing over 1600kgs cannot legally be carried on a 3.5T transporter because the trucks unladen weight will exceed 1900kgs thus taking the total payload beyond the 3.5T limit. There are some serious implications to this. First of all, if there is an accident your vehicle will not be insured. Regardless of what the operator might say, the van transporter will be overloaded and as such any insurance cover will be invalid.

Secondly, if the van transport was pulled over by VOSA and found to be overweight, they could make the driver unload your vehicle and leave it at the side of the road to be recovered later (probably by you!). The current VOSA trends however is to impound both vehicles and have them recovered to a police compound where you would have to prove ownership then pay to have it released back to you! So think very hard before you have your vehicle transported cheaply on a 3.5T truck as it could cost you a lot of time and money in the long run.

None of these issues are a problem on our large transporter.

Running costs are higher than a 3.5T truck and as such the delivery/collection cost will be more than one of our 3.5T transporters. If you have a large car, van or 4×4 however that weighs over 1600kgs and you want to have safe and legal transport then our large single transporter is the answer.

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